Short Essay Videos

Is Donald J. Trump the Chosen One?

How Badly Are Our Children Misinformed?

Is There a Fair and Impartial Way to Tax?

Is the tv Series "Cosmos" Remotely Honest?

Is Richard Dawkins Really a Scientist?

How Appalling Can American City Leaders Be?

Can Charles Darwin be Trusted?

Does Science Really Know What's True?

Should We Boycott Walmart & Exxon-Mobil?

Are Americans Well-Educated?

Can We Afford to House the Homeless?

Are People Really Sinners?

GOD: a perspective

Is Atheism Scientific?

Can Congress Be Reformed?

Does the NRA Support the 2nd Amendment?

Does the ACLU Support the 1st Amendment?

Should We Care if Everyone Has Health Care?

Is there Really Life in the Future?

Should We Lay Down Our Swords?

Is the American Media Legitimate?

Why are there Homeless Veterans in America?

What is the Real Right-Wing Agenda?

Can We Blame Swine Flu on Immigrants?

Is Richard Dawkins Smarter Than Jesus?

Are Atheists Really Honest About War?

Does Belief in God Cause Human Oppression?

Who is Really Scamming Who?

Who is Really Lying About Health Care?

Is Obama Any Smarter Than Bush?

Are People Really Sheep?

Was Hurricane Katrina God's Judgment?

What if You Were in Charge?

How Accurate is the Bible?

Is the Golden Rule Really the Best Idea?

Did Democrats Really Reform Health Care?

Is Music City the Meanest City in America?

Do Americans Really Believe in the Constitution?

Where is the Great American Dream?

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